Vegan Sushi Burritos on Brighton Beach

Brighton has to be one of the most veggie friendly places in the UK.

It was time for a day trip with a group of my good pals 🙂

Where better to enjoy a lunch in the sun than Brighton beach!

There was a place I’d been dying to try for a while – Happy Maki.

happy maki sign - gimme veg

They are famous for their delicious vegan sushi burritos and for each wrap they sell they plant a tree and feed a child!

We chose the Hoi Sin “Duck” and Crispy “Cod” Tartare rolls with Sweet Potato Fries.

The lovely ladies let me take some great pictures as they prepared the food before our eyes.

sushi roll long one - gimme veg
happy maki sushi making - gimme veg
happy maki sushi show - gimme veg

The customer service really is amazing in this place!

We took our wraps and met up with everyone on a pebbly Brighton beach.

happy maki on the beach - gimme veg
happy maki sweet potato fries - gimme veg

We were right to look forward to ordering from this place – the food is delicious, tasty and fresh.

A great lunch on a great day trip 🙂

sushi on the beach - gimme veg

Happy Maki, 8 Pool Valley, Brighton BN1 1NJ –

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