Top 5 Plant Powered Expo 2020 Highlights

At the weekend we decided to visit the Plant Powered Expo at London Olympia and had a great day. We discovered lots of great new vegan products, saw some great events and speakers and had some great vegan street food. Here are my top 5 highlights.

Hot Dogs!

There was a fantastic selection of vegan street food vendors and we decided on loaded vegan hot dogs from ‘Pig Out’.

The seitan hotdog was suitably jumbo in size and topped with mac & cheez, truffle oil, sour cream, bacon bits, crispy onions and parsley – delicious!!!

Vegan Cheese

vegan cashew cheese - gimme veg

There were loads of vegan cheeses to try and things improve every year in this area. This brie style cheese from Happy Cashew caught my eye and white rind tasted great and added to the brie like flavour.

Vegan Chocolate

vegan chocolate - gnawbles - gimme veg

I sampled lots of great chocolate and these Gnawbles nibbes stood out. They contain 43% less sugar than comparable snacks, are high in protein, crunchy, top 14 allergy-safe and very moorish meaning everyone can enjoy them. The packaging is also fully recyclable!

Vegan Cakes

The days of dry depressing vegan cake are over! Saw all these indulgent beauties from Vegan Sweet Tooth.

Vegan Awards

We were lucky enough to catch the Plant Powered Excellence Awards.
We were entertained by animal friends Peter Egan, Adamski, Torie Campbell and Jasmine Harman and saw some great vegan products and initiatives, such as Veganuary, win prizes.

Looking forward to visiting again next year!

My Vegan Haul!!

vegan haul - gimme veg
My show haul!

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