Reviving a Bee in an Emergency.

Something amazing happened yesterday which I had to share.

Something caught my eye crawling on my bedroom floor – it was a large fluffy bumble bee!

It was very dozy and must have become exhausted trying to fly outside again.

I remembered reading a piece about feeding bees sugar and water in an emergency to revive them as a last resort –

This guy looked in trouble so we gave it a go.

After placing the bumble bee outside next to a leaf full of the sugar solution and watching him drink and rest we watched him recover and after having a practice test flight, fly off into the lavender bushes below!

It was an amazing and uplifting experience.

Feeling in an inspired mood we headed to Kew Gardens where we saw these lovely seeds. It’s a flower mix specially formulated just for bees and full of nectar and pollen rich annual and perennial wildflowers.

I’ve planted them in a balcony box and now we have some proper food for the bees – I’ll share an update when they’ve grown 😊

If you have a patch of ground, windowsill  or pot why not plant your own – you can get bee friendly seed mixes at most garden centres, wildlife charity websites and Kew Gardens if you’re in the area.

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