Brentford Dock, the Most Plant Based Place in London?

I got my hands on 2 great new plants to add to my edible balcony collection from the Brentford Dock Community Greenhouse.

I got myself an exotic looking black tomato plant and spicy jalapeño plant.

The Brentford Dock Community Greenhouse is an amazing place which is maintained by dock residents.

Every Sunday residents can go and buy plants to decorate their balconies, which is a big thing here on the Dock.

Plant festooned gardens, walkways and balconies even get the chance to compete in the annual Brentford Dock In Bloom competition.

Because of the many plants residents enjoy an attractive environment as well as cleaner air.

Plants and proceeds from plant sales also go towards the Children’s Garden at the entrance of the Dock, which helps to educate kids about the origins of food and helps them learn basic gardening skills. There’s also an annual sunflower growing competition.

As well as all this plant action every other week in the community centre you can enjoy a delicious bowl of vegetarian soup.

Could this be the most plant based place to live in London? Find out more about Life on Brentford Dock at –

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