Truro Farmers Market – A Cornish Vegan and Vegetarian Heaven!

Beautiful Cornwall is like my second home but amazingly I’d never visited Truro before. It was time to right this wrong and what I found was a city full of innovative plant based and ethical businesses!

The first stop was the Truro Farmers Market on Saturday.

This busy outdoor market is in the centre of the city and full of local quality produce – among the many stalls these are the ones that stood out.

Pura Pressed – This family run raw food and drink stall has been ahead of the curve for years serving raw, 100% plant based, gluten free, soy free and palm oil free treats.

Expect to find delicious cold pressed juices, jackfruit burgers, cakes and desserts.

I tried a raw salted caramel slice and a raw coconut cream cheese cake – these were totally indulgent but totally healthy!

Cornish Mushroom Company – this stall was full of a massive variety of exotic mushrooms. They use organic growing methods and use growing mediums including coffee grounds, straw and sawdust meaning they are up-cycling waste products.

Shoots Roots Leaves – a stall full of premium salad greens, baby root veg and nutritious microgreens grown naturally in Cornwall.

If you’re in the mood for olives you can try The Cornish Olive Stall – they’ve  sourced the very best olives from around the world & combined them with truly delicious home made marinades all lovingly prepared in Cornwall. –

If you’re looking for a chocolate hit Food of the Gods can assist. Their bars are vegan, raw, organic, fair trade and sugar free. Ingredients include mulberries, rose petals, coffee beans and goji berries.

This is an excellent place for vegans and vegetarians and it’s inspiring to see so many producers following their passions to create some amazing food.

Truro Farmers Market is held every Wednesday & Saturday 9am – 3:30pm. Lemon Quay, Truro.

Coming soon – Veggie & Vegan eating and shopping in Truro.

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